Homage to Our Mentor

Mr. Bhoja Shetty, IFS (retd) (4 Sept. 1922 – 6 Mar. 2022) A fallen flower on the pathway at the lake stopped me short on 5th March 2022. I looked up at the tree and saw one big cluster of flowers way above and buds a little lower. Our mentor Mr. Bhoja Shetty who had retiredContinue reading “Homage to Our Mentor”

Reflections on the Buddha Coconut

I hadn’t heard of a tree called Buddha Coconut till BBMP gave four saplings for our first tree plantation drive in July 2010. I hadn’t heard of some others too but we were getting them for free at a point when we, trustees, didn’t have the money to organize such an exercise. The planting siteContinue reading “Reflections on the Buddha Coconut”