Get Published : A Handbook for Writers in India

A detailed guide for the aspiring Indian creative writer, providing information on all aspects of the publishing process. Several experts share their experiences – Ritu Menon on women’s writing, Manjula Padmanabhan on writing for the theatre, Paro Anand on children’s writing – providing practical advice for the beginner. There is detailed information on various subjects, from gauging the writer’s market to readying a typescript for publication and approaching the right publisher. The handbook covers a range of technical and utilitarian matters, examining the use of computer as word processor and the legalities involved in book publishing, as well as particulars on book publishers, newspapers, journals, magazines, theatre groups, literary and writers’ societies, awards, competitions and fellowships

“Add a testimonial from someone who loves what you do.”

Jane Doe

The Hindu

Thiruvananthapuram edition

1 Jun 2001

The New Sunday Express

22 Apr 2001

A Map of the Literary World

Indian Express | Mumbai | 2 May 2001

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